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Booking Online

Prior to booking online, please read the directions below.

Then, scroll down to click the link.


  1. If you have insurance, please call your insurance prior to making an appointment. You must check if you are in or out of network. Then, speak to a live representative in order to confirm insurance. Fax backs and computer verification are not accurate.

  2. Even if your company is listed here your plan may not be in network. In-network: Ameritas, Best Life and Health Ins CO, Colonial Life, GEHA,Guardian, Humana, Kansas CityLife Insurance Company, Lincoln Financial Insurance Company, MetLife (PDP Plus), Principal, Sun Life

  3. Text us the front and back of the insurance card to 386-317-0000 prior to your visit so that we have time to  verify your information. If you do not have an insurance card then you must request a digital card from your insurance company.  We need the information on the card or we cannot submit your benefits.

  4. If you are in network, we will verify your insurance and submit on your behalf.  We submit pre-authorizations for all major treatment or we expect payment in full on the day of service without pre-authorizations.  You will be reimbursed or expected to pay the difference.

  5. If you are out of network you will pay all fees in full and get reimbursed by your insurance.  The reimbursement may not be the entire fee.

  6. We are not an insurance company and we do our best to maximize benefits. Ultimately, your contract is between you and your insurance company.

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